Managing Allergens

Allergies and Special Diets 

Fresh Picks Café takes service to students with special dietary needs very seriously. Our comprehensive approach starts with having designated areas and equipment to prepare meals and Food Allergen Awareness trained staff. Our goal is to provide meals made with as much whole, fresh food that is naturally free of allergens as possible (rather than processed specialty foods). Additionally, our specified product list for the program is free of artificial dyes, shellfish, tree nuts and peanuts.  

Some packaged snacks that may be available for sale outside of the meal program may be prepared in a facility that also processes nut products; these items are labelled and are never included in the full meals available to students. 

Medical Documentation 

Proper medical documentation is required by the USDA and the supervising state education agency. The requirements for medical documentation can be found by clicking the “Allergy Parent Letter” link on the left side of this page. If the school does not have proper medical documentation on file, the cafeteria will be unable to accommodate specialized dietary needs. 

Completed medical documentation should be returned to the school health office. The school health office will then convey that information to the food service program which initiates the process of putting a customized plan in place to serve your student safely.  

Food intolerances and non-life-threatening allergies are managed according to the policies and procedures set in place by your school district. 

Complex and Severe Allergies 

Students that have complex or severe food sensitivities and/or allergies requiring specialized menus will also require pre-ordering. Once the food service program has received proper medical documentation, the parents/guardians of the student with special dietary needs will be contacted by the Fresh Picks Café Food Service Director, District Manager and/or Regional Dietitian. The team will establish a customized approach by providing upcoming monthly menus and discussing planned dietary accommodations.

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